THALISSI has a laboratory specializing in High Scien­tific Natural Cosmetics, resulting from more than 40 years of experience and research in the fields of Bio­chemistry and International Cosmetology.

We have developed exclusive natural formulas based on aromatic essences, botanical and mari­ne extracts, with thermal waters at an exceptional concentration, to create unique and customized treatments. THALISSI draws its origins from 1969 when its foun­der, Alicia Pérez Aragó, opened in Murcia, Spain, the first Institute of Beauty and the first School of Aes­thetics designed for women.

In 1970 “Alexia” became the first Training Academy for future professional beauticians in the region of Murcia. A few years later it was approved by the Ministry of Education and Science, having been re­cognized by the Official State Gazette. At that time the Academy had hundreds of students and exten­sive facilities, making it one of the most modern and advanced schools of the time. All this experience of training professionals and the knowledge of their needs would be crucial for the subsequent develop­ment of the products.

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Natural Gold Essence Cream - 50ml

PKR. 18,170.08
Natural & Organic Saffron & Argan unique cream. Powerful regenerating, moisturizing, anti-wrinkles, antioxidant, cellular nutrition effect...

Nectar Concentrated Natural Gold Serum (8units x 5ml) - 0.0005 L

PKR. 20,765.81
Saffron & Argán exclusive serum. Concentration A+A created to fight the wrinkles effects and give to the face a new youth thanks to the properties of the Saffron flowers...

Orange Essential Oil - 17ml - 0.0002 L

PKR. 8,046.75
100% organic and pure essential oil. Contains very powerful substances...

Oxygenating Mask Peel off Mask (10 units x 30g) - 0.0001 L

PKR. 25,905.35
Natural and Organic alginate facial treatment that provides firmness and recovers skin luminosity. Rich in Vitamin C and Spirulina. It can be used at any age and in all kinds of skin, especially if t..

Peeling di Bambu Scrub - 75ml - 0.075 L

PKR. 7,475.69
Natural and Organic Bamboo exfoliant particles enriched with panthenol, shea butter and extra virgin olive oil formulated to encourage cell renewal and refine the skin texture...

Phyto Sea 101 Super Moisturizer cream - 75ml - 0.0125 L

PKR. 11,628.85
Organic Cream, which multiplies the feeling of softness and wellbeing on the skin. Deeply moisturized, the skin gets smoothened and looks visibly more beautiful for a long hours...

Phyto Sea 212 Perfect Skin Tone & illuminating Cream - 75ml - 0.0075 L

PKR. 12,822.89
Organic Cream which restores the highest luminosity to the skin, reducing and lightening effectively the blemishes, pigmentation and preventing their appearnce...

Phyto Sea 315 Anti Age & Anti Oxidant Cream - 75ml - 0.0075 L

PKR. 13,445.86
Organic Rejuvenating Phyto - Cream which provides relief, comfort and antioxidant benefits to the skin. It naturally accelerates the regeneration and recovery of the skin It repairs damaged skin...

Podologic essential Oil For Healthy Feet - 60ml - 0.006 L

PKR. 8,358.24
This a specific Treatment based on essential oils for feet, which stimulates blood circulation and regenerates, reducing hardness and cracks. Moisturizes, calm, relaxation and disinfects. Strong Antio..

Pro Complex Serum - 30ml - 0.03 L

PKR. 13,965.01
Organic Intensive Regenerator Complex of Prolayer, pearls , Silk and Winetherapy( grape seeds and leaf extract). Regenerates and revitalizes the dermal tissue at different levels...

Queen Elizabeth Revitalizing Beauty Water - 150ml - 0.0001 L

PKR. 10,953.96
Flower Beauty Water, natural and handmade with essential oils. An intense aromatherapy perfume will go with you giving you security and increasing your self-esteem...

Queen Hatshepsut Beauty Water - 150ml - 0.0001 L

PKR. 11,369.28
A revitalizing alchemic made flower water. Natural and Organic product with essential oils. Increases the circulation of the skin’s blood which increases oxygenation and nutrition. Protects against ..

Queen Mother Oil - 17ml - 0.0002 L

PKR. 7,475.69
100 % Natural and Organic Balsamic Oil. This oil has lots of utilities, especially breathing issue, arthritic and muscular pain, migraine, tired foot, insomnia etc...

Relaxing Oil - 150ml - 0.0015 L

PKR. 10,642.48
100% natural and organic Relaxing Ayuverdic Oil that gives out a perfume instilled with warmth and relaxing virtues that dissipate tension and restlessness...

Rosemary Essential Oil - 17ml - 0.0002 L

PKR. 9,863.76
100% organic and pure essential oil. Contains very powerful substances...
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