Tria Beauty

Each product in the Tria Brand Family is designed or formulated to the highest quality and standards so you'll get the results you've always wanted.

We Liberate With Light

Light-based skincare is a revolutionary approach for delivering clinically proven results that can free you from ineffective skincare regimens and harsh topical treatments. Light gently interacts below the skin's surface and promises glowing results of beautiful, smooth, healthy skin.

We Make Physician-Quality Skincare Convenient And Affordable

Inspired by professional treatments, our products bring the same technology used by dermatologists into the home, empowering you to enjoy the breakthrough benefits of light-based skincare for the first time. We understand the value of being able to treat yourself in the privacy of your home-it's convenient, affordable and superior to other alternatives.

We Are Trusted By Dermatologists And Customers Alike

We work closely with world-renowned dermatologists and surgeons to revolutionize at-home skincare treatments. We conduct extensive clinical research and our engineering teams are dedicated to testing and continuously improving our products. Plus, all of our ground breaking devices are FDA-cleared

We continue to innovate by capitalizing on technological advances and light -based science discoveries that bring revolutionary skincare of the highest quality and standards home to you

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4X Laser Hair Removal - 1000 L

PKR. 119,351.48
The first and only professional strength hair removal laser available for at-home use. Uses professional-grade diode laser technology.Permanently reduces unwanted hair and provides lasting silky smoo..

Blue Light Cartridge Refills

PKR. 9,085.04
This patented technology powers the Tria Blue Light with a professional-strength level of non-UV therapeutic blue light for 60 days or 300 minutes of treatment, enabling the device to deliver the blue..
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